You may have rising damp if your property shows any of the following signs

  • Mould or mildew on walls
  • Powdery mineral deposits, often in a flower shape
  • Yellow/brown marks on walls
  • Wallpaper peeling away
  • Rotten skirting board timber
  • Air bubbles and blistering of paintwork
  • A permanent damp and musty smell
  • Deterioration of lower fixtures and fittings

If you answered 'yes' to any of these, your London property could be suffering from rising damp.

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What is rising damp?

Rising Damp LondonRising damp is the process where underground water surrounding buildings penetrates the porous material of the structure, specifically the building’s walls.

Excess underground water and leakages from other sources can often expose brick and masonry to enough moisture that it wicks its way upwards. This reaction is known as a capillary reaction and is very much like how a cloth touching a pool of liquid will draw up the fluid, even if the cloth is entirely vertical.

Most modern properties built within the last century or so will have a layer built into the walls near the ground to stop this process in its tracks, which we call a damp-proof course (DPC).

Rising damp causes

The main property issues leading to rising damp are:

  • DPC faulty, absent or deteriorated
  • Improperly installed DPC
  • Adjoining structure higher than DPC
  • Water leakage from plumbing issues
  • Poor drainage of local land
  • Faulty guttering, fascias or downpipes
  • Damaged or poorly fitting roofing
  • Local flooding

What problems can untreated rising damp cause?

If your home is currently showing any signs of damp you will be well aware how unattractive it looks but it's not just an aesthetic issue. Persistent damp often gives rise to mould, affecting respiratory systems and contributing to conditions such as asthma.

If left untreated, damp can spread throughout your property, causing widespread structural and visual damage, not forgetting the negative effects on the value of your home.

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How can London Damp Proofing help?

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With prompt analysis, diagnosis and application of our specialist treatments, the causes of damp can be eradicated and any structural damage repaired.

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