What is Basement Tanking?

Since basement and cellar areas are below ground level, moisture from the surrounding earth will attempt to seep through an untreated wall or floor, quickly making the area damp, mouldy and unusable.

'Basement tanking' is a the process of creating a waterproof barrier on the walls, floor and ceiling of a basement or cellar, to fully seal the room.

Tanking systems are best applied when the basement is being built, keeping the outer moisture from ever touching the inner walls. In the case of a pre-existing structure, various layers of professional materials must be applied to seal the basement, this process often including the removal of some existing layers.

How do I know if I need basement tanking?

Many London properties will require basement taking if they have, or plan to build:

  • Below ground car parking facilities
  • Wine cellars or storage facilities
  • Coal and fuel storage bunkers
  • Space for buried heating systems
  • Space for air conditioning systems
  • Vehicle maintenance pits

We can assist with new builds or apply specialist treatments and coatings to existing basements that are experiencing damp issues.

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What are the negative effects of damp in basements & cellars?

If your basement is showing any signs of damp you will be well aware how unattractive it looks but it can also give rise to unhealthy mould spores. Mould can negatively affect respiratory systems and contribute to conditions such as asthma, plus damp basements generally become unusable for storage due to the steady destructive effects of persistent moisture.

If left untreated, basement damp can spread up to the above-ground areas of the property, or cause structural damage to access areas.

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How can London Damp Proofing help?

We have many years professional experience in damp-proofing exciting below-ground living and storage areas around London. We don't believe in doing a mediocre job.

Our experienced basement damp proofing team can survey your property and offer a no-obligation quote for a professional basement tanking system.

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