Condensation around the home

You may have noticed condensation in your London property. But what causes it?

During winter months when the central heating is on, moisture in the warm air indoors will condense on the cool surface of any glass or metal. This is particularly noticeable on older single-glazed windows and doors.

In the summer, properties are normally less prone to condensation, due to the increased ventilation from open windows and doors, plus the fact that there is less difference in the temperature inside and out.

What if there is excess condensation?

Sometimes properties experience more condensation than is usually expected. This is displayed by the following symptoms:

  • Obvious amounts of water pooling on window ledges
  • Metal surfaces away from outer walls showing dampness
  • A cold and clammy feeling to the air in the property
  • Mould beginning to accumulate on walls & ceilings

In cases like these, there may be an issue with the ventilation and air flow around your property. The team at London Damp Proofing can diagnose and suggest improvements, once we've visited to evaluate the root cause.

Damp Proofing Services:

London Home Condensation Treatment

Water pouring inside structures or seeping from outside is the most typical cause of a damp house or business. The following frequently occur reasons for moisture penetration:

  • Guttering and downspouts that are broken or missing
  • Roof cracks/damage or missing roof tiles
  • Water pipe leaks or central heating failure
  • Insufficient ventilation
  • Poor drainage systems
  • Brickwork and pointing damage

We would also advise caution when installing cavity wall insulation, especially in buildings that are unsheltered, receive severe rain regularly, or have weak masonry.

Some types of insulation can reduce airflow around a house, but more crucially, they can bridge gaps across the exterior and the interior walls, allowing moisture to 'wick' through during wet weather.


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How can London Damp Proofing help with condensation issues?

Our experienced damp proofing team can perform a free survey to investigate your excess condensation. The cause(s) can be rapidly identified and resolved, often with the application of cost effective treatments.

Advice and recommendations can be given to highlight the best options for you, described in an approachable and easy-to-understand manner. Just call us today or fill out our form below.

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